My Work in the Community

I have a passion for developing the communities in which I live or where I grew up. I developed this personality trait from the difficulties I encountered during my Primary and Secondary Schools, particularly the years 1970 to 1978 at Zona Tea Estate, Mt Selinda and Gokomere High Schools. As a result I have a strong urge to alleviate the possible suffering in other people that I himself experienced. The following are some of his contributions to the development of the communities in Dimire and Chipinge areas.

  • I am building a clinic called WinTrend Clinic is being built in Newcastle Are of Chipinge in order to fight the devastating effects of AIDS/HIV and other diseases in the surrounding farming areas. A licence to operate the Clinic has already been applied for from the Health Profession’s Council in Harare.
  • In 2007 Mr Benjamin Mahaka and I founded Dimire Valley Primary School which I continued to sponsor to date. I am the school’s Patron. A school in Dimire has always been a necessity because of the long distance between the area and the nearest surrounding schools of Beacon Hill, Mt Selinda, Emerald and Zona Tea Estate Schools. Therefore the school-going children from Dimire community were prejudiced of learning opportunities for a long time because of that situation which is now being addressed by the establishment of Dimire Valley School.
  • In 2008 I also founded the Chipinge Farmers Association and was subsequently appointed its Patron. The association, which draws its membership from most of the farmers in Chipinge District is a vehicle with which the farmers from Chipinge can rally around for many objectives that include sharing farming information and knowledge, accessing farming inputs from central Government and resolving disputes and tackling common problems that may affect any one of their members.


  • In 2005 I founded WinTrend Creche in Newcastle Are of Chipinge which I have continued to sponsor and develop to date. The objective is to develop children of WinTrend Farm workers and others from the surrounding farms and communities. In addition, the crèche provides a means to occupy the children during the period that their parents will be working farms and other places.


  • In 2005 I founded the WinTrend Football Association (WiFA), a football and Netball tournament that is held in Ward 7 in Newcastle Area of Chipinge District. The plan is to spread the tournament through out the entire Chipinge District. The objective of the tournament is to spot and harness talent in the youths at the right mental developmental period during their youthful lives and develops the skills for the betterment of the district and the Nation as a whole. Furthermore, the tournament provides some deterrent, substitution or a gainful alternative to some ruinous vices like beer drinking and drug taking and promiscuity which they would otherwise be engaged in during their spare time.