Expanded Biography

Expanded Biography

On 20 January 1956, the late Aaron Busayi Juyana Mlambo and Marian (Mashava) Mlambo gave birth to Dr Win Busayi Juyana Mlambo, at Mt Selinda Hospital. He was the forth borne child, or the third son in a family of nine, five of whom were girls. He is currently happily married to Thandiwe Sharon, and has 5 daughters and 2 sons.

He began his primary school education at Mt Selinda Primary School in 1964 until Grade 6. He completed his primary school (Grade 7) in 1971 at Zona Tea Estate where he had to work in order to pay for his school fees and tuition materials. In 1972 he was awarded a “Work Scholarship” which he used to pay part of his fees for his secondary education at Mt Selinda Secondary School from 1972 to 1975. The experiences and the hardships gained during the period 1971 to 1975 at Zona Tea Estate and Mt Selinda Schools, turned out to be invaluable in shaping out the fundamental tenets which became pillars and guiding principles throughout his life. These experiences instilled in him a strong sense of resilience, self-reliance, discipline, hard work, determination, persistence and a resolute aptitude to achieve desired objectives. A passion for community empowerment and a strong desire to excel academically, were also born out of these trying experiences.

Dr Mlambo attended his Upper Secondary School at Gokomere High School from 1976 to 1977 after which he joined the Physics and Computer Science Departments at the University of Zimbabwe from which he graduated with a BSc degree in 1981.

He spent about two years of his degree study period, working every holiday with a private sector data processing company, the then Systems and Management Services (SMS). Upon graduation, and having spent an additional three months of full-time employment with SMS, Dr Mlambo decided to widen his experience thus he joined the Public Sector in July 1983 as a programmer in Remote Sensing for agricultural applications. He rose through the ranks of the ICT profession in different Public Sector departments, until he became Director, Technical Services. In 1989, while still working for the Public Sector, he was awarded study leave to pursue business management studies at the Smeal College of Business at the Pennsylvania State University where he graduated with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in 1991. He majored in Financial Accounting and Management Information Systems (MIS).

In 2000, after a 17 year stint in different ICT departments in the Public Sector, he joined a Parastal. He was appointed and assigned to set up, from scratch and head the first Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory watchdog of Zimbabwe, the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ), as Acting Director General.

After creating POTRAZ into an effective and financial sound telecommunications watchdog in just 8 months, he entered into the diplomatic profession, which further enriched and diversified his career. He was posted to London as a diplomat on 28 February 2002 where he has worked to date. During his diplomatic spell in London, Dr Mlambo achieved another post-graduate qualification of Master of Arts (MA) in Communication Policy and Regulation from Westminster University in 2004. Alongside these MA studies, Mlambo was also pursuing his PhD in Communications, through Distance Education (PhD-D), which he completed in March 2006.

Currently seconded as Acting Director General to the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) from the President’s Department. Wide range of experience in technical security matters, management and technical work, particularly as it relates to security. Has high analytical, research, report writing and problem solving skills. Proven leadership skills involving setting up institutions and systems from scratch; managing; developing and motivating teams to achieve organizational objectives.