Dr Win B.J. Mlambo has extensive practical experience in telecommunications and management fields gained through formal education and practical work across Private, Public, Parastal and Diplomatic sectors. He has developed high analytical and problem solving skills involving setting up institutions, systems and standards from scratch. Other skills include talent spotting, initiating, developing, organising and motivating teams to achieve organisational objectives. He is a results-oriented, self-starter and initiator with additional acumen in written & oral communications at all organisational levels.

He possesses competencies in strategic planning, implementation, policy formulation and evaluation. He also has experience in project development, monitoring, control and management, with change management, human and material resource development, budgeting, financial management and goal or object oriented management as effective tools. In addition, he is experienced in the regulation of telecommunications networks, adjudication of applications for setting up telecommunications networks and postal licences, the settling of telecommunications disputes the writing and drafting of telecommunications regulations and licences.

Dr Win Mlambo has carried out research, in technical security methods and systems. He has working knowledge of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems, ability to evaluate user & system specifications in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). He has developed a strong sense of community empowerment over the years from his personal experiences.

Born on 20 January 1956, he acquired a PhD-D in Communications, Master of Arts in Communications Policy and Regulation, from University of Westminster, Master of Business Administration, from Pennsylvania University, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Physics.